Words, by Everyone is a digital commonplace book project by Jeremy Frusco. It grows out of a need to connect, to reach out to others and promote discourse. It is a project in speaking, but, more importantly, it is an exercise in listening. Through it, I wish to promote empathy and transparency through the many voices that influence and inspire me.

Photo credit: Tanya Michelle Photography



I bring together these multiple voices in dialogue through short essays, shared media, and collaborative projects. This space welcomes the unorthodox, and these writings reflect a wide range of perspectives. These are the voices of my heroes, my colleagues, and those who challenge me. I engage them in dialogue, and their influence emerges in my own writing. Altogether, these are words, by everyone.

I encourage readers to respond to these posts, whether through the comments section or on social media. You can also reach me at jfrusco@gmail.com.